JuneAbout June,

After graduating high school, June Worden enlisted in the United State Marine Corps where she spent 12 years. Upon her discharge, June joined the New York State Police in 1990, where she served as a Master Instructor and Evaluator, certifying instructors for the New York State Police Academy. She specialized in leadership and became a certified defensive tactics instructor.

June also received certification as a Human Resources Counselor, investigating and counseling fellow State Police employees regarding complaints of sexual harassment and/or hostile work environment.

In 2011, she retired as a Lieutenant, and accepted a position with Syracuse University working as a Peace Officer. June received training in all aspects of the Clery Act, which requires all colleges and universities who receive federal funding to share information about crime on campus, and their efforts to improve campus safety, as well as, inform the public of crime in or around campus.

June looks forward to empowering women and children of all ages to take control of their own personal safety.


The mission of Syracuse Self Defense is to empower women & children to defend themselves through practical and relevant defensive training. We seek to prevent crime and save lives by providing knowledge, skills and tactics to some of our most vulnerable clients. Teaching women and children to project confidence through their body language and verbal communication is paramount to personal safety. To increase our client’s awareness through fun and interactive training. Our intent is to provide students with the techniques necessary to protect their mind, body and soul from those who wish to do them harm.


To provide training to small groups of women and children that will allow them to gain knowledge and confidence in self protection.  


To make a difference in how you perceive your ability to defend yourself by “unearthing your inner strength.” You will gain confidence by controlling your fear, and turning it into the energy and strength necessary to keep yourself alive and safe. 

This is not a martial arts training… While there are never any guarantees, Syracuse Self Defense will educate you on some of the best practices and techniques in women’s & children’s self defense, and how to keep you and your friends safe.