We’re very excited to announce that we have earned certification from Tracie Arlington in her nationally renown children’s curriculum, PlayItSafe. This workshop accommodates children from age 4-13 and teaches them age appropriate self-protection strategies in an interactive way.

Tracie began teaching this course in 2003 throughout the state of California and has since shared her knowledge throughout the world, having been a guest on Dr. Phil.

The main objective of this curriculum is to teach children to avoid potentially dangerous situations by giving them awareness skills and teaching them to set boundaries and to use their voices. Two other important components are sexual assault prevention and verbal defense. Whether it is a bully at school or another person who threatens your child, this course lays a foundation to be proactive and then reactive if necessary. This curriculum doesn’t scare children because they learn through role-play and fun games.

Overall our goal is to increase a child’s awareness skills as they learn how to assess a situation and look for a way out if they need to escape. This course will teach them to have confidence in their ability to set boundaries and the verbal skills to make sure the boundaries are not crossed.

We hope that you will empower your children proactively!!!