Unearthing Women’s Inner Strength

What exactly does it mean to unearth your inner strength?

Going into our first class, my hope was that the group of ladies present would encourage each other to answer that very question for themselves. They all work closely together on a daily basis, but I wasn’t sure how much they knew of each other’s background…

It turns out that it didn’t really matter where they grew up, where they went to college, what their backstory might be…

Each of them had a sincere interest in learning how to protect themselves should a situation evolve into the worst-case scenario; an attack on their person. They encouraged one another to dig down deep inside of themselves to find the strength they would need to fight off the “bad guy.”

During the time we spent with each other we related personal experiences, asked relevant questions and by all accounts learned some basic techniques and tactics that were new. And there was some laughing, which always makes a learning environment enjoyable.

This course differs from other self-defense classes in that we introduce a “bad guy” into the training in order for our students to feel that inner strength come alive. We want our training to be as real as possible, so that you leave with a “blueprint” stored away in the back of you brain that you can use as a reference.

I’m confident that the women of West Side Physical and Aquatic Therapy learned something about themselves in the time we spent together. I hope they agree that it was worth the three-hour investment.

Be safe, vigilant & strong out there ladies!