This is the first of what we hope to be many blogs regarding Women’s Self Defense, and the safety of women within our community.


My name is June and I am the founder of Syracuse Self Defense. I formed this company in response to the ongoing sexual assaults perpetrated on women. Whether they occur in a domestic relationship, a dating situation or as a random crime, it is my desire to provide you and your loved ones with techniques and awareness that may save your life or at least minimize trauma or injury. Although there are no guarantees, fighting back is our best option.


Having spent over 30 years in public service, first as a Marine and then as a New York State Trooper, I have witnessed first hand the devastation that can result if a woman is unprepared to fend off an attacker. As an instructor at the New York State Police Academy, I developed a passion for teaching and mentoring. I have received certifications as a Defensive Tactics Instructor through the State of New York and as an Instructor of Girls on Guard/Guarding Our Girls through the Women’s Self-Defense Institute.


Aside from that, I am also a survivor of domestic violence. Given my background you would think, “how could that be true…”, however, it is and up until now, I have rarely shared my personal experience.


The first three-hour course that we will offer provides you with basic strategies and techniques should you find yourself in a worst-case scenario. By the end of the course you will have “Unearthed Your Inner Strength” by gaining self-confidence in your abilities to fight like a girl and win!!!


This course is woman specific by design… We don’t want your male significant others to know how you will respond if attacked.


So, without further delay, let’s get started making our small corner of the globe a little safer 🙂